Terms and Сonditions of Using BC Game

This article offers an in-depth exploration of the Terms and Conditions governing the use of BC Game's diverse platform offerings. It aims to clarify the ownership and intellectual property rights tied to the content and services provided by BC Game and its affiliates. Furthermore, it will dissect the definition of "resources" within this context, encompassing everything from mobile and desktop applications to various online services associated with the BC Game website and mobile app. By delving into these aspects, readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of their rights and obligations when engaging with BC Game's platforms, ensuring a transparent and informed gaming experience.

1.1. This document, the Terms and Conditions, serves as the foundational agreement between you, the user, and bc.game regarding your engagement with this website. It governs your access to and use of the various games, support networks, and platforms accessible via the http://www.bc.game website and its affiliated links.

1.2. Within this framework, “Company” denotes the entity overseeing the website’s operations. This Company is duly licensed to offer international gaming services, including but not limited to casino games, lotteries, sports betting, exchanges, bingo, and poker.

1.3. It is imperative that you read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly before completing the registration process. Should any clause within these terms not align with your expectations or principles, you are advised not to proceed with using the website.

1.4. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is confirmed through your action of registering on the site and indicating your agreement. Your continued use of any website feature constitutes an ongoing acceptance of these terms.

1.5. The term “Games” mentioned herein refers to the various poker and casino offerings available on the website, which may be updated or modified at the discretion of the website.

1.6. The website holds the authority to adjust, revise, or amend these Terms and Conditions for various reasons, including but not limited to legal, commercial, or customer service enhancements. Any updates to these terms will be posted on the website, and your continued use signifies agreement to these changes.

1.7. By using the website, you acknowledge and consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and any future modifications that may be made.

2. Player commitments

As a participant on this platform, you are expected to adhere to a set of commitments that ensure a responsible, legal, and enjoyable gaming experience. By engaging with our services, you affirm the following:

2.1. You confirm you are at least 18 years old or of legal age in your jurisdiction to partake in gambling activities, adhering to the legal thresholds for gambling participation.

2.2. Your involvement in games is on a personal basis, not on behalf of others.

2.3. It is your responsibility to report and pay any taxes due on winnings as per your jurisdiction’s laws. The Website does not offer tax or legal advice; seeking professional guidance is recommended for such matters.

2.4. The use of this Website and your account is for personal entertainment and recreational purposes only, not for financial operations or activities beyond game participation.

2.5. You pledge that all information provided to the Website is accurate, complete, and up-to-date, committing to notify the Website of any changes to this information.

2.6. Deposits and withdrawals are to be made using only legally owned financial instruments, such as your own credit card.

2.7. All funds deposited are not derived from, nor linked to, any unlawful activities.

2.8. Engaging in fraud, collusion, or any illegal activities is strictly prohibited. The Website reserves the right to terminate your account upon detection of such behavior.

2.9. Services provided by the Website are intended for legal use. You confirm that your use of the Website’s services does not violate any laws applicable to your jurisdiction.

2.10. – The Curacao license does not extend to certain jurisdictions, including but not limited to China, France, the USA, and the Netherlands. This list is subject to change, and you agree not to use the Website if you reside in any restricted areas.

3. Your account at the Website

Creating and managing your account on BC.Game comes with specific guidelines to ensure a secure and enjoyable gaming experience. Here’s a streamlined overview of what you need to know:

3.1. Account Creation and Usage:

3.1.1. To engage in real-money games, registration and a deposit into your account are required.

3.1.2. Only one account per user is allowed. Multiple accounts may lead to restrictions or closures at BC.Game’s discretion.

3.1.3. Immediate notification to [email protected] is required if duplicate accounts are discovered.

3.1.4. Accurate and complete personal information must be provided during registration, including identity, contact details, and payment information. BC.Game may verify this information independently or through third parties.

3.2.Username and Password:

3.2.1. Choose a respectful and non-offensive username. Inappropriate usernames may result in account suspension.

3.2.2. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login details. BC.Game is not liable for any misuse of your account by others due to shared login information.

3.3. Deposits and Account Funding:

3.3.1. Games can only be played if sufficient funds are available in your account. BC.Game does not offer credit for game participation.

3.3.2. Deposit methods and possible fees are outlined on the “CASH” and “Deposit” sections of the website. These may vary by country and are subject to change.

3.3.3. Deposits must be made from an account or system registered in your name. Deposits from third parties are not accepted and may lead to confiscation of winnings and account closure.

3.3.4. Funds must be lawful and not of criminal origin.

3.3.5. The account’s base currency is selected at registration, and you are responsible for any currency exchange fees.

3.4. Inactive Accounts:

3.4.1.  Accounts with no activity (deposits, bets, withdrawals) for over 12 months become inactive.

3.4.2. An administrative fee is applied to inactive accounts with a positive balance, starting 30 days after the account is deemed dormant. This fee continues monthly until activity resumes or the balance is zero.

3.4.3. Inactive accounts lose all bonuses, promotional points, and benefits until reactivated.

4. Rules for Indian Users at BC Game

For Indian users navigating the BC Game platform, understanding the key components of the Terms and Conditions alongside the platform’s specific rules is crucial for a seamless and responsible betting experience. Here are the fundamental guidelines tailored for Indian participants:

4.1. BC Game explicitly states its exemption from liability for any indirect, consequential, or accidental damages incurred by users, including but not limited to profit losses, regardless of prior warnings about such potential losses.

4.2. Users must affirm their comprehension and acceptance of the bookmaker’s betting rules upon placing a bet, ensuring they are of legal age—either 18 years old or the age of majority in their jurisdiction.

4.3. By placing a bet, users effectively acknowledge their understanding and agreement to the stated Betting Rules, underscoring the importance of familiarizing oneself with these guidelines.

4.4. In the event of a venue change for a scheduled match, all bets remain valid as long as the match is played within 48 hours of the scheduled time and the home team retains its status. This rule is crucial for maintaining bet integrity despite logistical changes.

4.5. The “My Wallet” feature is a critical aspect of a player’s account, offering a comprehensive view of cryptocurrency balances, transaction history, and facilitating deposits and withdrawals. It also provides seamless access to BC Swap and Vault Pro, offering a 5% APR, emphasizing the platform’s integration of financial and betting services.

4.6. Transactions on the blockchain necessitate multiple confirmations to ensure successful recording, typically taking between 5-10 minutes. This process underscores the technological foundation of BC Game’s operations and the importance of blockchain in ensuring transaction security.

4.7. Users are responsible for the secrecy of their account numbers and passwords, a cornerstone of account security. All bets placed are considered valid, with bet cancellations being strictly regulated according to the platform’s rules.

4.8. BC Game commits to informing its clients about any rule changes through appropriate notifications, with new rules applying immediately after such announcements. This ensures users are always operating under the most current guidelines.

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